Kazembe Orphanage

Family Care Foundation Partner: Kazembe Orphanage 

Project Managers Tom and Amy Morrow

Tom and Amy Morrow have been missionaries to rural Zambia since 2002. In mid-2006, they undertook the renovation of a 30-room hotel to convert the property into an orphanage, plus staff quarters.

The Morrows began admitting children to the facility, the Kazembe Orphanage, focusing primarily on children between the ages of 0-3, a largely neglected age group.

  • The children are taught using advanced and modern teaching methods to ensure that their first years are used to the full.
  • Attention is placed on nutrition so that the babies and small children develop properly. Many orphans suffer from malnutrition or a weakened immune system so adequate nutrition is essential to their development.
  • Caregivers are carefully chosen, based on their love for children and desire to help the children in their care to grow up well.
  • Zambia has massive health problems relating to HIV/AIDS, so much so that a large percentage of the working and professional people of Zambia will no longer be around in 10 years. The vision of Kazembe Orphanage is to raise children that will one day help contribute to rebuilding Zambia‚Äôs economy and infrastructure.
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“Children are the world’s greatest resource, yet sadly, one so neglected in so many countries.” —Grant Montgomery, President of Family Care Foundation (FCF)