Central Thailand Mission

Family Care Foundation Partner: Central Thailand Mission

Project Managers Magnus and Deborah Ekner 

Central Thailand Mission (CTM) works in Bangkok institutions: One such program at Ban Dek On Ransit Babies’ Home is geared to prepare Thai orphans who are to be adopted by foreign families. The aim of the program is to provide lessons and experiences that will enable them to more easily adjust to their new environments.

Language basics are paramount, as is socialization that includes excursions and field trips to a foreign family’s home, a visit to the supermarket and the airport, etc.

A government orphanage located at Klong five in Thanyaburi houses, with approximately 200 abandoned babies and young children, is another place you will find CTM: filling the role as auxiliary staff to ease the lack of funding and personnel, painting the orphans’ beds to planning classes and activities to taking the orphans on excursions.   read more…

 “Children are the world’s greatest resource, yet sadly, one so neglected in so many countries.” —Grant Montgomery, President of Family Care Foundation (FCF)